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Why should I get a Pre Purchase Inspection? 

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a comprehensive report of the condition of a vehicle. It is peace of mind for you as the buyer and can be a great negotiating tool with the seller should faults be found. 

What is included? 

Every Pre Purchase Inspection comes with a mobile inspection, detailed email report including findings, photos, Road Test results and comments.
This inspection takes 1-2 hours and a report is delivered within 1 hour. 
We do not require you to be there! Many customers are unable to take time off work. Should this be the case, our examiner can give you a complementary phone call after inspection to advise you of possible faults and answer your questions. 

A Pre Purchase Inspection includes: 

Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspection
Windows & Mirrors
Sunroof / Convertible Operation
Wipers and Washers
Dash Warning Lights & Gauges
Air Conditioning / Heater Function
Steering Wheel Grip
Front & Rear Seats
Front & Rear Seat Belts
Doors, Locks & Hinges
Rear Cover / Parcel Tray
Hand Brake Operation
Pedal Rubbers
All Interior Lights
  Tyres, Wheels & Brakes
Tyres – Wear & Size
Wheel Rims – Condition & Size
Brake Pads
Brake Discs & Rotor
Brake Calliper & Hose
Brake Drag
Wheel Bearing
Tyre Tread
Body Repairs
Bonnet Struts
Wind Screen / Rear Screen
Weather Seals / Rubbers
Front & Rear Suspension
Front & Rear Shock Absorbers
Steering Components
Transmission Housing
Drive Shafts
Underbody Parts
Exhaust System
Paint Depth Gauge Test
Engine Fumes and Exhaust Smoke
Engine Mounting
Cooling Systems & Water Hoses
Fuel System
Auxiliary Drive Belts
Ignition System
Clutch Controls
Cooling System
Visual Emission Components
Axel Bearing
Drive Shafts, Universals and CV Joints
  Engine Condition
Engine Noise
Engine Oil Condition
Engine Oil Leaks & Seals
Engine Exhaust Smoke
C02 Head Check
Battery Test
Alternator Test
  Road Test
Start & Idle
Engine Performance
Engine Noise
Exhaust Emissions & Smoke
Clutch Operation & Ride
Gear Box Operation
4 Wheel Drive
Speedometer & Odometer (Visual Only)
Owner’s Manuel & Log Book
Road Handling & Comfort
Mobile Pre Purchase Inspection
Emailed Comprehensive Report Call Onsite with Full Report
Same Day Service Peace of Mind
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