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When do I require a Modification Plate? 

You would require a Modification Plate when you have made aftermarket modifications and must receive approval for these from an Approved Engineer. 


How do I prepare for a Modification Inspection? 

Ensure all of your intended Modifications have been completed correctly in accordance to Queensland Department of Transport. 

Please find a link below if you need a checklist:


What happens if I have a fault and it doesn’t pass the first inspection? 

Once the faults are rectified, call us and book for a Second Inspection for further cost of $44.


Modification Codes we can inspect include: 

Modification Codes
LA1 Equivalent Engine Installation
LA2 Performance Engine Installation
LA3 Supercharger / Turbocharger Installation
LA4 Engine Modification
LB1 Transmission Substitution
LB2 Rear Axle Substitution
Vehicle Controls
LC2 Dual-controls for Driver Trainer Vehicles (Design)
LC4 Dual-controls for Driver Trainer Vehicles (Modification)
LG2 Brake System Conversion (Design)
Body and Chassis
LH2 Roof Conversion (Design)
LH4 Roof Conversion
LH6 Modified Wheelbase Conversion (Design)
LH7 Body/Chassis Variants Conversion
LH11 Campervan, Motorhome Conversion Section
Seating and Occupant Protection
LK1 Seat and Seatbelt Installation/Removal
LK6 Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
LK8 Construction and Installation of One-Off Roll-bars and Roll-cages by Individuals
Fuel Systems
LM1 Fuel Tank Installation Section
Tyres, Rims, Suspension, and Steering
LS2 FLHD Vehicle Steering Conversion (Design)
LS4 Front Suspension and Steering Modification
LS6 Rear Suspension Modification
LS10 High Lift 50mm to 125mm Modification
Test Procedures
LT4 Noise Test
Mobile Mod Plate Service
Up Front Pricing Prompt & Trusted Service
Same Day Service Vehicles, Caravans, Bikes & Trailers
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