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When do I require a Safety and Gas certificate? 

You would require a Safety and Gas Certificate when: 

  • buying a caravan or trailer that has never been registered
  • moving from another state or territory and transferring registration
  • your registration expired more than 3 months ago 
  • selling or buying a caravan or trailer 

You require a Gas Certificate only if the unit is fitted with fixed or mounted Gas Lines, Appliances, or Regulator.


How long is a Safety and Gas Certificate valid?

The Safety Certificate is valid for 2 months! 

The Gas Certificate is valid for 3 months!

However it is a ‘One Use Document’ and can only be used for processing once though Queensland Department of Transport.


What happens if I have a defect and it doesn’t pass the first inspection? 

Queensland Department of Transport allows you 14 days from the first inspection date to have the defects repaired. 

Once the defects are completed, call us and book within the 14 days for a Second Inspection for further cost. 

Mobile Safety & Gas Certificates
Safety & Roadworthy Inspection
Identification (Compliance Plate)
Stop Lights
Tail Lights
Clearance Lights
Number Plate Height - Below 1.3m
Tyres Cracks in tread / side wall & condition
Spare Tyre
Floor (Underbody)
Inner Bearing Seals
Break Away System
Brake Operation
Brake Adjustment
Drums or Discs
Brake Shoes or Pads
Handbrake Operation
Shock Absorbers
Safety Chains
Load Rated D Shackles
Underbody - A Frame
Wheel Nut Stubs
Braking components in Drum
Hitch / Coupling
Jockey Wheel
Gas Compliance Inspection
Appliance Operation:
  • Cooker
  • Fridge
  • Hot Water
  • Anode Replacement
  • Bayonet
  • Space Heater
Gas Test Point Fitment
2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection)
Gas Tightness
Regulator Running Pressure
Ventilation for Appliances
Warning Labels
Gas Lines secured properly
Bottles secured properly
Gas Bottle Storage
Gas Regulator
For your Caravan to pass the Gas Compliance Inspection it MUST have the following:
  • 2 Stage Regulator with OPP (Over Pressure Protection)
  • Test Point
  • Gas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate
  • Australian Certified Appliances
  • Comply to Australian Standard AS5601
  • A Gas Bottle still in date (10 year expiry)
HAVRAS Measuring Scheme
Dimensional Limitations
Approved load sharing axle system guidelines
Safe tyre carrying capacities
Vehicle Identifiers:
  • Engine Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Chassis Number
Mobile Gas & Safety Certificates
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